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Power Distribution Room MR1600

Product Name Power Distribution Room
Product Order Code MR1600
Incoming Connections 3x M16 5 way Buss Bar
Incoming Circuit Breaker 3x 1600A 4P MCB
Outgoing Connections 12x 400A Powerlock, 2x 125/3 Phase, 1x 63/3 Phase, 1x 32/3 Phase, 2x 63/1 Phase, 2x 32/1 Phase, 3x 16/1 Phase
Outgoing Circuit Breakers 12x 400 3P MCB, 2x 125A 3P MCB, 1x 63A 3P MCB, 1x 32A 3P MCB, 2x 63A 2P MCB, 2x 32A 2P MCB, 3x 16A 2P MCB
Size (Amps) 4800
Weight (KG) 5300
Dimensions Length (mm) 6060
Width (mm) 2510
Height (mm) 2580
Handles NO
Fork Truck Pockets YES
Notes Built into a standard 20Ó ISO container. Incoming supplies can be fully monitored in real-time by digital power meters. Interior lighting and 13A sockets means the unit can also be used as a secure site office.