Generator Hire

Dry Hire Generators

Powerline can supply a wide range of generators for dry hire, from 1 kVA to 880 kVA. Our stock includes mobile road tows, skid-mounted, truck-mounted, super silenced generators for broadcast.

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UPS Hire

Hybrid Generator Hire

Powerlines’ Hybrid power generators are suitable for pairing with diesel generator. When combined with a diesel generators, Powerlines’ hybrid rental units can reduce fuel consumption by up to 50%, helping you reduce your fuel bills and cut emissions on site.


Lighting Towers

When long-range practical lighting is required, choose from Powerline’s variety of reliable outdoor Lighting Towers. We stock Road Tow Lights, Link Lights with LED options available.

Distribution Hire

Distribution Hire

Powerline’s comprehensive range of cabling and distribution hire equipment offers a solution for any project. From a single 16 amp, 240V distribution box, to a custom-built 4000amp, we have everything that you might need.

UPS Hire

UPS Hire

With varying minutes of battery run-time, Powerline’s UPS’ offer a relatively long emergency power period, and can be used to protect critical devices. Powerline are continually investing in the latest technology, so as to provide our clients with the very best solution the industry can offer.

Cable and Cable Ramp HIre

Single Phase Cable Hire

Powerline currently hold a wide a stock of single phase distribution extension cable in 16, 32, 63 and 125 Amp .  All of our stock is manufactured to British and European standards.

Cable and Cable Ramp HIre

Three Phase Cable Hire

Powerline currently hold a wide a stock of three phase distribution extension cable in 16, 32, 63 and 125 Amp .  All of our stock is manufactured to British and European standards.

Cable-Ramp Hire

Cable Ramp Hire

Cable Ramp, Pedestrian Ramp, and Matting ensures your cabling stays intact, and in place throughout your event. Trust Powerline to protect your supply with a robust selection of high-quality products.


Site Lighting Hire

From critical work and safety lighting, to general site lighting, Powerline’s varied and ever-expanding lighting stock can cater to all needs.

Heater HIre

A/C and Chiller Hire

We can supply a range of temperature control products suited to industrial applications, individual comfort, and anywhere in-between. Powerline’s range of coolers, chillers and fans can reduce and control any temperature.

Heater HIre


From large indirect units, to individual radiators, Powerline can meet your heating needs. 500W Electric Heaters, Exterior low glare heaters with remote control to 150 kW Indirect fired diesel heaters and everything in between.

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At Powerline, we are more than just a hire company; we have specialists on hand who will evaluate your requirements, and provide you with a quote that covers all the power, distribution and accessories you will need to make your event happen. Our team can also oversee the installation and, if required, remain onsite to assist you and your event.

At Powerline we can help you with



Trust Powerline to power your outside broadcast. We can deliver what you need, where you need it, on time and on budget.

We have a specialist broadcast generator trucks on standby.



Generator hire for weddings and private parties, both large and small, Powerline are delighted to have supported many special occasions. We will make sure you have all you need to power your special day.

We can also provide additional lighting, audio and effects to brighten up the event!



Powerline have many years’ experience of providing comprehensive generator and distribution solutions to large events, tackling both challenging locations, and complex requirements.

We work alongside our clients to set the stage for great things.



Powerline have supplied generators and distribution to many high profile media events.

On every occasion, our specialist team work flexibly, discreetly and, above all, reliably – all of which are key to ensuring your project’s success.



Powerline are proud to lend our services to many sporting events, including Premiership Football, and International Golf and Rugby events.

We can provide generator power for stalls and hospitality, or provide standby power – whatever is required, we can cover it.



Powerline can react efficiently in response to emergency generator power requirements, or to facilitate essential maintenance work. Our knowledgeable team can deliver critical power and equipment to minimise costly downtime, and keep your project on track.

Trust Powerline to keep you moving.

Powerline has what it takes to be your best choice



At Powerline, we pride ourselves on our depth of experience, and history of successful delivery.

Our team of experts make sure your requirements are met whatever the challenge. We will ensure the best solution for your needs.

problem solving


Powerline work using our knowledge and attention to detail to ensure you have power in even the most challenging of places.

We pride ourselves on giving you the power to make it happen.

Backup support


Powerline are on hand to advise on fail-safe and contingency solutions.

When you need to make sure you have backup and support, Powerline will be standing by.



Quality, safety and reliability are all key to our service offering. We make sure all of our equipment is inspected and tested on a regular basis.

Our team has what it takes to provide you with the best service in the business.