Towerlights for Hire

Towerlights for Hire

When long-range practical lighting is required, choose from Powerline’s variety of reliable outdoor Lighting Towers.

Powerline’s Lighting Towers have provided dependable, functional illumination for a wide variety of clients – including festivals, campsites, and outdoor weddings. Whatever your demand, Powerline have the equipment to match.

In remote locations, our 5x 240W LED Towerlights – with on-board 5 kW generators and fuel tanks – eliminate the necessity for long cable runs. All of Powerline’s Towerlights have fork pockets for maneuverability, or we can offer road-towable units to avoid the need for plant.

Short on man-power? Up to 4 of Powerline’s Link Lights – each fitted with four 400W Metal Halide heads – can be linked and powered from a single source without the need for individual fueling. The units are cost-effective to transport, and can be easily installed by one person.

For a lower power consumption, without sacrificing light output, Powerline’s Luminators offer full 360° lighting, while using only 1000W of power. Similar to the Link Light, several Luminators can be powered from one supply.

Powerline know that no two events, locations and clients are the same – we will always assess your needs, and offer a tailor-made solution.