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Large PA Kit AV-MPA

Product Name Large PA Kit
Product Order Code AV-MPA
Description Medium PA System for up to 500 People: Wedding Speeches / Entertainment, Small bands, Cookery Demonstrations, Background Music Playback
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Contents 2x QTX QRC 15Ó Active Speakers, 2x QTX 15Ó Passive Speakers, 2x Citronic CEQ215 Dual Band EQ, Dual CD Player, Sytec Pro 1000 Amplifier, Soundcraft EPM12 -12/2/2 Mixer, AKG 450 Radio Mic (Hand Held or Headset), 4 x Shure SM58 Wired Microphone, 4 x DI Boxes, 1x DBX266xs Dual Limiter/compressor/gate, Cables and Stands
Accessories / Additional Items MP3 Player, SM58, Senheieser EW100G3 Radio Receiver, Senheieser HT450 Hand Held Microphone, Senheieser HT450 Head Set Microphone, Additional active speakers