WOMAD Festival

WOMAD Festival 2015 – Generators supplied from Powerline

Powerline undertook this event when it moved to its current home at Charlton Park in Malmesbury, the new site gave the new supplier a blank canvas to devise a package that would power this famous festival.

We invested heavily to ensure that the event was a success in terms of power. Despite some hideous weather conditions in the first few years the event has become a firm favorite amongst the crew that work on it each year.

The site utilises almost every aspect of our service portfolio and is a showcase of Powerline at its best. Jim Creed comments that “the teams from all disciplines have worked hand in hand for so many years that there is a great family feeling amongst the crews that work here, this makes it so much easier when challenges inevitably present themselves”. The power crew supply everything electrical from the very first day production arrive onsite to mark out until the last man leaves after every spec of litter and human trace has been cleared away. The festoon runs alone add up to many kilometres and new aspects added in each year ensure the event stays fresh to the punters and a continued challenge to the suppliers.

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Trust Powerline to power your outside broadcast. We can deliver what you need, where you need it, on time and on budget. We have a specialist broadcast unit on standby.



From parties to weddings, both large and small, Powerline are delighted to have supported many special occasions. We will make sure you have all you need to power your special day. We can also provide additional lighting, audio and effects to brighten up the event!



Powerline have many years’ experience of providing comprehensive solutions to large events, tackling both challenging locations, and complex requirements. We work alongside our clients to set the stage for great things.



Powerline have supplied power and distribution to many high profile media events. On every occasion, our specialist team work flexibly, discreetly and, above all, reliably – all of which are key to ensuring your project’s success.



Powerline are proud to lend our services to many sporting events, including Premiership Football, and International Golf and Rugby events. We can power stalls and hospitality, or provide standby power – whatever is required, we can cover it.



Powerline can react efficiently in response to emergency situations, or to facilitate essential maintenance work. Our knowledgeable team can deliver critical power and equipment to minimise costly downtime, and keep your project on track. Trust Powerline to keep you moving.

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We have an ongoing commitment to sustainable power solutions; we currently use both wind and solar power in our own buildings and on a number of event sites. As a company we are committed to using low energy consuming fixtures such as LED lights and most importantly in educating clients in to energy efficient best practices’.

We recycle all of our waste oil and fuel, all fuel, oil and air filters; all MCBs and other circuit breakers; and blown lamps of all kinds.

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